ACCIDENT VEHICLE FLOATS BY THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Sis. Ememofon dropped out of school 13 years ago because of a lecturer and by a prophetic word during the weekly Monday Morning Breakthrough Blast, she was able to go back and get re-admitted after 13 years to complete the programme and obtain an MSC degree. On her to the school for her final project defense, driving alone with a loaded vehicle, connected with the Holy Spirit by listening to a message by Rev. Ntia titled: TONGUES OF FIRE, the tire of her vehicle burst, plunging her into a big river. A Toyota Highlander filled with goods for sale floated. Few seconds after that, help arrived and she was assisted out of the vehicle from the sun panel and the vehicle was also towed to safety. While policeman and others tried to find ways of transporting her to the school with their own vehicle, the Holy Spirit told her to get into her car and start the ignition. The car didin’t only respond despite losing the windscreen, but took her to the school in good time for her defense where lecturers were waiting for her to arrive. Mighty God!