FROM TROUBLED FILLED LIFE TO SALVATION IN CHRIST Bro Ubon U’s brother Etimbuk’s life was tumultuous and his family was fed up of getting him out of police net. In 2016, he was the reason why his family compound was burnt by angry youths from the neighboring community. He was sacked from a good job and his last arrest made his family disown him, leaving him to the police to do whatever they wanted with him. His brother out of compassion wrote Etimbuk’s issues in the Gathering of Warriors list of 7 request and presented it before God. Before the week long program ended, Etimbuk had an encounter with an angel while in jail. He was instructed to go on a fast and give his life to god and oh his release, go to Full Life. His brother also had an encounter and was informed in the dream that his brother has been delivered. On Etimbuk’s release, he attended service with his mat and pillow, ready to stay in church for the duration of the convention. To the glory of God, he has now given his life to Christ.