I came to Full life for the first time in July 2018. My friend invited me. I don’t live in Uyo but I came visiting and coincidentally that was the period of the 10 days fasting. The day I came was the beginning of the fast and I joined. I keyed into the theme of 2018, my year of all good things. I had been without a job for over a year after my masters and I had never been in a stable relationship either. So I was believing God strongly for those two things. I want to bless God and return the glory to Him. I got married December 2018 and I got a job that changed my life and story in October. I’m just so grateful to God. I met my husband in 2017 but I’m still in awe at how everything happened suddenly. I still feel like I’m dreaming sometimes. The year started with so many uncertainties, I cried silently most times but it had ended in celebration and praise. Please thank God for me, Everything happened in a space of 3months..I got engaged in September, got a job in October and my wedding was in December. I shed tears of joy every time I think of what God has done. 2018 was indeed my year of all good things. I will never depart from His presence and I pray for even bigger blessings for my family and friends that are still waiting on Him. I would love to share this testimony in person but I’m not in Uyo at the moment. God has been too good to me and my family. Thank you Jesus.